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Accredited Sales is a professional sales outsourcing company providing sales orders for new product introductions, short-term offerings, market testing of prototypes, and all other products and services that cannot be sold by an existing sales force or can be sold in conjunction with an existing sales force. Accredited Financial Services is a corporate and real estate holding company which has been in business since 2005 as a Limited Liability Corporation, and is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau with an "A" Rating since 2006.

We provide a standing sales force for new companies and for companies with short-term requirements for the introduction of a particular product or service. Often the nature of the product or service does not justify recruitment and development of an in-house sales department.

Accredited specializes in all types of business-to-business sales including sophisticated systems, large scale industrial products, capital investments, gaming, financial products as well as almost every other type of product and service. Let us know what your project entails, and we will be happy to evaluate whether we will be able to accomodate you.

Our sales professionals are telephone sales pros capable of developing their own leads when necessary. Although most of our projects are phone sales, our B2B sales professionals are based throughout the United States and are also accomplished in-person sales people. So we can provide a physical presence for in-person meetings throughout the entire country.

Call us at (702) 617-3300 for more information about our services, and about how we might best serve your needs. All of our discussions and consultations will remain 100% confidential.

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