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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days to exchange or return for refund. One Year Repair or Replacement Warranty. Specilalizing in TASER® Weapons for Law Enforcement Agencies, Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Federal Agents, Corrections Officers, Officers of the Court, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Security Officers, Constables, EMS, Fire, First Responders, Reserve Officers, Retired Officers and licensed professionals serving the public. Read our reviews.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days to exchange or return for refund. One Year Repair or Replacement Guarantee.

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TASER® is a Trademark of the Manufacturer TASER International, Inc. Accredited Security does not offer a warranty on TASER CEWs through TASER International, Inc., nor is warranty on a purchased and refurbished TASER CEW offered or honored by TASER International, Inc. because Accredited Security is not affiliated with the manufacturer TASER International, Inc.

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